Voytek Faber of Equilibrium Interior Design shares how to execute projects in tight timeframes and make Clients happy.

For 90% of projects done by Equilibrium Interior Design Inc (Equilibrium Interiors) small timeframes are the norm. In today’s world of “now”, no one wants to wait if you can get it sooner. We accept it as the fact of life, and embrace it.

Let me ask you, if you could get your home built in one year, why would you want to wait year and a half to finish? Understanding and accepting this phenomenon allows us to serve our Clients better. Service and quality are always top priority for us, but time is always of the essence. Our strategy is very simple… “if you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get there”. It applies to projects of any size and any time frame as proper planning and scheduling at the offset of the project are always key priorities.

To expedite the design and construction process on very tight timeframe projects we recommend preordering materials when our drawings are being permitted with the city, so that when permits are available all materials are in our hands and ready to go. It is also critical that furniture (which sometimes can take 6-8 months or even longer for custom pieces) is finalized and ordered as early as possible in the process. These two components of our work usually occur simultaneously to expedite the project.

I always tell my staff; and that is the motto we live by; “put yourself in Client’s position, and then you will know how you need to act”. That is always the best position to make our decisions from as it allows us to serve our Clients best. If you want to know how Client is feeling if project is temporarily running late, put yourself in Client’s shoes. If you want to know how Client feels because prices increased on some products, put yourself in Client’s shoes. If a contractor is messy in Client’s almost completed home, put yourself in Client’s shoes. In my experience, this is the most un-bias position when making critical decisions affecting our Clients and projects as it always keeps our Client’s best interest in mind.

Jason Walker