Voytek Faber of Equilibrium Interior Design Inc shares his secrets on how to surpass Clients’ dreams and bring his vision to life.

My team at Equilibrium Interior Design Inc (Equilibrium Interiors) knows that most people are visual, but not necessarily imaginative, therefore great visual presentations are key to project’s success and Client’s satisfaction. Before beginning a project we ask our Client’s to create a “box” and spend time on “discovery”. The “box” will contain anything and everything (photos, clippings, swatches, magazine tear outs, paint chips, objects, literally anything) that they may come across that they love. Similarly, it is critical to know early in the process what they don’t like – hence we ask them to also have a record to show us. When we meet with the Client for “discovery” we spend the time learning about what attracts them, what they react to, and observe their emotions as they are looking at furniture or pictures, touching fabrics, or talking about things. I often describe this as a psychology session where emotions run a full spectrum. We can only begin the design process if we have a great base to work from, so Client’s participation in this process is prerequisite for success.

Having good research at the offset allows us to hit the nail on the head with the design and color scheme for each Client. These days, and especially with long distance Clients, we implement on line tools and social media platforms that allow clients to identify photographs, elements, interiors, and any other elements that they love or don’t like. I usually say to my clients, “If you don’t LOVE it, than it’s not good enough and we need to keep on looking” – it always puts a smile on their face, but it is a motto we live by. We only want what’s best for our Client, and “ok” is not good enough. We continue to search for things they love as many homes we design are often their dream homes. Some of our Clients come to us to design their first home, some come to design their dream home, others have multiple properties and now it’s time for a beach house… their connection with the new house varies greatly and it is important to spark excitement in every Client early on. The more excited they are during the process, the better the result at the end.

Jason Walker