Voytek Faber and Jennifer Blanchette is featured in Florida Home and Garden magazine


The Faces of

Interior Design

Equilibrium Interior Design Inc.

Jennifer Blanchette, Design Team Leader; Voytek Faber, ASID, Principal

When looking to build or design their luxury residences in South Florida and beyond, discerning home owners and save investors look to Voytek Faber and his Team at Equilibrium Interior Design to get the job done.

Extensive knowledge and first-hand experience collaborating with resident, absentee and remote owners places them in a league of their own. Clients look to them not only to create unique residences that reflect the surrounding beauty and their lifestyles, but also charge Equilibrium with authority of their investments in their absence. Experience and critical thinking gave them the ability to quickly and eloquently resolve existing problems, anticipate potential complications and offer pivotal solutions with unique options so clients can make well informed decisions.

The most prestigious accolades Equilibrium Interior Design continually receives come from clients who return time after time for their talent, experience reliability.

“We Take care of the details so our clients can focus on the things that matter to them most: family, travels, yachting, golfing, philanthropy, and their businesses,” says Voytek Faber.


Voytek Faber