We have used Equilibrium for two projects-complete interior design for a 8000 sq foot estate spec project as well interior design for the renovation of our second home. we have had past experience with other interior designers and feel like Voytek and his team stand out in a few very important ways. Firstly both of these projects were completed with us being absentee developers/owners thru the design and construction phases. Voytek interfaced with the architect, builder, and real estate agents in order to make the processes as seamless to us, the client, as possible. Some of his efforts were not required or expected as part of our arrangement but were simply Voytek identifying a client need and reacting on his own accordingly. For example, he identified some inconsistencies in the structural plans that we were able to remedy early in the process. He interfaced with the builder to make sure that all of his selections and design were feasible both from an engineering perspective but also from a budget perspective. Voytek has a great ability to engineer amazing results at any given price point/budget. Another place where Equilibrium excels is at offering vertical integration and a complete set of services from concept/design to the engineering and implementation of those designs. Voytek has a great aesthetic eye and does the material selections, etc aspect of interior design quite well, but its his engineering/structural aptitude and abilities that further separate him from most of his peers. He not only completely designed all of the extensive millwork in our home, but he also created structural plans for all the pieces and interfaced with the builder directly in order to complete his vision.

Most importantly the end result is nothing short of fabulous. he took our starting point and aesthetic and really hit it out of the park design wise. we could not be more pleased and will certainly use Voytek and his team for our next project.

– Brad S., Client

My husband and I hired Equilibrium to draft/design interior spaces of our new home that our architect failed to detail. Mr Faber’s attention to detail and preciseness of design was equal to or better than any architectural renderings I have see. He caught many potential design problems and created totally efficient, functional and beautiful rooms for us including the master bedroom dressing areas, living room coffered ceiling and woodworking scheme and an absolutely fabulous, fully walnut paneled office/de which is the highlight of our home. We were so delighted with Equilibrium’s work, we enlisted the team to help with fabrics, carpet and furniture. All their work came in on or under budget AND on time!

– Joanne S., Client

Equilibrium Interior Design has done two projects for us and is currently doing a third.
First project was a remodel of our kitchen, living room, dining room and office. Second project was a remodel of the Master suite and Guest rooms. Currently we are updating the pool area and patio.

We like working with Equilibrium for the following reasons:
1. The people at Equilibrium learn what we like (our tastes) and then work with that rather than subject other styles or products on us. Based on what we like they offer creative solutions for problem areas.
2. Equilibrium manages the project working within an agreed to schedule and cost estimates.
3. Turnkey project management is easy to work with.
4. Equilibrium has access to and knowledge of a wide variety of suppliers and subcontractors based on a lot of experience.
5. Equilibrium follows up after the project to ensure that we are happy with our project and any small details that need to e addressed.
6. All Equilibrium employees are very pleasant and attentive to the client and respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner.

– Timothy R., Client

My partner and I issued an RFP looking for an interior design company for our spa project. We received many excellent responses but there was one response that stood out overwhelmingly. Equilibrium took the time to respond to our RFP in a very detailed and concise manner. Working with Equilibrium has been an absolute joy. They have taken what can often times be an exciting yet somewhat exhausting experience and made it absolutely wonderful. From the very beginning they understood we had a tight budget and they did an excellent job working within our budget. Quite honestly I am still amazed at how they were able to give us the design we envisioned yet get everything to come in under budget.

Equilibrium is very detailed oriented and extremely organized. They take the time to walk through every step of the process. Voytek and Equilibrium as a whole has absolutely exquisite taste in design. Their attention to detail and eye for design is absolutely incredible. They take the time to develop a clear understanding of what you want as a client. They use their talent not to convince you of what they want, but to take what you want and build off of it. Most firms so often try to just force feed down your throat what they like. Not equilibrium, they use their knowledge of design and then take what you envision in your head to develop an absolutely beautiful end product that you will love.

They even went above and beyond their initial role as interior designer and assisted us with other parts of the project which would have undoubtedly been beyond the scope of another interior design firm. They were always available to meet and quite honestly always gave us 100% of their attention and time. Overall the experience was simply fantastic. Their creativity and vision never ceased to amaze me. I would 100% recommend Voytek and Equilibrium to anyone looking for a top quality, amazing interior design firm.

– 5 Elements Spa, Client

They were GREAT! I am a husband.. so was naturally skeptical when my wife said we were going to PAY someone to help build out/decorate OUR house. I did not understand WHY we would want to do that, when we ourselves could do it for FREE. NOW I understand why! Voytek and his staff are so well qualified and understand how to make you feel that they are there with one purpose in mind…YOUR HAPPINESS! They will help you design the exact house you want. I would not recommend doing this on your own even if you feel qualified, like I did. Their experience, expertise and knowledge will save you time and money and your house will look amazing!


– Peter B., Client

Having worked with Voytek on various projects for nearly 10-years, I cannot say enough wonderful things about him and his work ethic. He has a remarkable way of teasing out of his clients their unique tastes and the overall goal they are setting out to achieve, and then dazzling them with options that would have never otherwise been considered. Without imposing his own personal preferences, Voytek manages to always think outside the box to conceptualize things that once communicated, invariably dazzles me. All the while, he respects the budget I established, and even reigns me in when I start to get out of control. And just as importantly, he consistently delivers on-time, and always makes time for me when faced with a dilemma. I cannot imagine ever embarking on another design project without his assistance. He is a gem and I have, and will continue to strongly recommend his services.

– Jason G., Client

Voytek Faber and his Team at Equilibrium Interior Design set the standard for both technical and creative excellence. Their design standards are matched by their dedication to customer service. They are praised by my most discerning clients who have used their services and I am happy to give Voytek my unequivocal endorsement.

– Jim M., Colleague