Interior Design For Commercial Properties

Equilibrium Interior Design Inc. is recognized for its creativity and practical solutions to enhance your corporate image as well as maximize productivity for management and staff. The Equilibrium team is devoted to understanding the principles of your business and responds with designs that have flexibility for future growth and organizational changes. These solutions enhance your physical property value and marketability. Accomplished through open communication, Equilibrium Interior Design is your ally for meeting your business goals to attract, protect, and motivate your customers and employees with a well-designed environment.

Let us provide the analytical framework for assessing choices to have the right impact for your organization’s needs. Whether for relocation or renovation, Equilibrium Interior Design’s scope of work is tailored specifically to your project. With clear objectives for defining roles and services, the Equilibrium team effectively facilitates the process and completes your commercial space on time and within budget.

Interior Design services for commercial projects include:


Planning and Design

Project Management