How We Work

Clients of Equilibrium Interior Design Inc. have come to expect outstanding service, attention to detail, quality work, and accountability. Our employees deliver professional outcomes through a sound process, passionate approach, and dedication to each client. We begin every project with realistic expectations, schedules and budgets, and strive to maintain these variables throughout to completion.

We credit many of our accomplishments to the dedicated network of partners who share our philosophy in commitment to surpass the expectations of all clients. They form an indispensable source for expert advice and guidance based on your specific needs, concerns, and circumstances. Lighting, communications, audio-video, surveillance are just a few of these expert areas for which we are able to coordinate design engineering, equipment supply, and installation services. Working hand in hand with other professionals, the complete design process is handled seamlessly and ensures overall cohesion between the architecture, interiors, and its furnishings and accessories.

Equilibrium Interior Design does not enter into exclusive partner agreements, thereby ensuring absolute integrity, unbiased recommendations, with the ability to tailor services for the precise needs of each unique request. The partners we work with most regularly have proven to meet our expectations and offer our clients privileged benefits that can only be cultivated through the steady growth of these professional relationships.

The process of designing and building custom project catering to your unique needs and tastes requires special attention from our associates. Effective communication is imperative in conveying ideas to you. Our partners devote significant energy for assisting clients in understanding the final design before constructing the project. For example, we may build a prototype to demonstrate the physical layout of the design, or demonstrate a floor plan layout in real scale to help you visualize the spatial relationships. Providing clients with effective drawings and samples clarify ideas to your satisfaction. We do not proceed to the next phase of your project unless you clearly understand the direction we’re heading.